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On this Website you can find innovative Resource Packs such as 3D CreatorCraft, 3D Seasons and much more for the latest versions of Minecraft as well as wonderful cinematic trailers and inspirational concepts! Start your experience now and dive into the world of CreatorLabs!


3D CreatorCraft for Minecraft 1.14

3D CreatorCraft is now available for the latest Minecraft update: Village and Pillage 1.14! Click the button down below to be up-to-date with new features!

Pimlico Station in Minecraft

X.M.R.  is a new video series, where real life scenes are recreated in Minecraft as realistic as possible. In this case a London Underground station called Pimlico was recreated in Minecraft.

Big Launch

Whole website reworked and many resourcepacks updated to 1.13. Today is the "big launch" of CreatorLabs. There is also a trailer that sums up all the new features. More information can be found in the blog article.

Resource Packs

Universal Seasons

Universal Seasons is a set of resourcepacks, that allows you to choose between different seasons in Minecraft. The different seasons result in different colors applied to grass, plants and leaves. 

3D CreatorCraft

3D CreatorCraft is a 3D resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition, which adds various blocks with 3D addons and ALL items in 3D to the game. Through this you can expect a truly intensive game experience.

3D Seasons

This addon brings Seasons into your Minecraft world. 3D Seasons features the four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Through the seasons-change, plants, crops, grass and leaves change their color.

3D Noteblock Displays

This addon adds an "Display" to every Note Block. On that Display you can see which instrument and which note the Note Block is using. 

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