Fire, Armor, Emissive Textures - V2.0_a

Emissive Textures Coral Reef Minecraft
emissive textures applied on corals

Update applies to: 3D CreatorCraft Preview

A new version of 3D CreatorCraft is now available: 3D CreatorCraft Preview, which allows you to see what new features are going to come in the next updates. 3D CreatorCraft Preview is experimental and is not a fully tested version. So bugs may appear in this version. 

This is the first snapshot for the upcoming version V2.1!


The main additions of this version are emissive textures, which glow in the night, when you use OptiFine. At the moment there isn't really a stable OptiFine version for 1.13, but at least emissive textures work. The emissive textures are an experimental feature of 3D CreatorCraft, they can also be easily turned off in the video settings of Minecraft.



  • added fire
  • added frosted_ice
  • changed ice
  • changed sea_pickle
  • added plenty of emissive textures
  • added armor_textures for entities

There may be additions that are not listed here.