Official Minecraft Partner!

Yes, you heard it right, I am now an official Minecraft Partner! Unbelievable!
Maybe you already know me from one of my resourcepacks. If not I would like to introduce myself to you, since I actually did not really do that yet on this website.

My name is David and I am the creator of this website. I started playing Minecraft in 2012 and gathered a lot of knowledge on the creation of Minecraft content in the past few years. In 2017 I decided to start sharing my work with the Minecraft community. Since then I have published and worked on multiple projects, which were downloaded by hundreds of thousands of players from around the world. In these three years I mainly focused on the creation of resourcepacks. This year my packs even reached over one million downloads, which is something that I never expected beforehand.


A few months ago I decided to apply to the official Minecraft partner program, since I wanted to reach an even bigger audience with my projects. Maybe you do not know what this program does, so I made this summary:


The partner program allows Minecraft partners to bring their content directly to the in-game store of Minecraft Bedrock Edition: The Minecraft Marketplace. The Minecraft Bedrock Edition is available on many platforms. It is available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Android, iOS, Fire OS, Fire TV and Windows 10. Through the Marketplace it is very easy and safe to install custom high quality Minecraft content. It supports content creators like myself and allows many of them to make a living from it, which is something incredible. So this program allows Minecraft content creators to create even more and better Minecraft content!


Well, and now I actually also became a Minecraft partner! This means, that I can also publish content for Minecraft Bedrock in the Marketplace now. Amazing!


And if you are interested on this kind of Minecraft content then you can check on this website for any new projects or join my Discord server to not miss any future updates: https://discord.gg/5kwyXTP


Thanks for reading!


The news section here will now only include major updates or new projects. Changelogs can be found on the resourcepack pages.