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 On this page you can find all downloads for 3D CreatorCraft! If you want to see more of 3D CreatorCraft before downloading, you can check out the Preview.


Before downloading please read the Download and Installation Guide, that shows you how to install 3D CreatorCraft.


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Which Version?

There are in total four different Versions made for 3D CreatorCraft. All versions originate from 3D CreatorCraft Ultra, but have some "downgrades" such as removed block models or less performance intensive models. This makes sure that EVERY player can use 3D CreatorCraft. Here you can read a short conclusion on the different versions, but if you want to read a detailed list on differences, check this out:

Detailed Differences between the Versions.

3D CreatorCraft Ultra Logo

3D CreatorCraft Ultra

This version has all features of 3D CreatorCraft. Many blocks have 3D addons and ALL items are 3D. To play with this without any complications you will need a good PC.

3D CreatorCraft High Logo

3D CreatorCraft High

Originating from 3D CreatorCraft Ultra, this Version has some "downgrades", such as block models with less addons like sandstone or cobblestone. This version is recommended for people using an average PC.

3D CreatorCraft Medium Logo

3D CreatorCraft Medium

The Medium version, that is deriving from 3D CreatorCraft High, has some more missing block models and is a good option between 3D CreatorCraft High and 3D CreatorCraft Low!

3D CreatorCraft Low Logo

3D CreatorCraft Low

The performance intensive block models are missing in this version, which makes sure that there are less performance impacts. This version is recommended for players, that use an older PC. It is also recommended for PvP players.

3D CreatorCraft Preview Logo

3D CreatorCraft Preview

3D CreatorCraft Preview allows you to see what new features are going to come in the next updates. 3D CreatorCraft Preview is experimental and is not a fully tested version. So bugs may appear in this version. It has the same features as 3D CreatorCraft Ultra, so the performance may suffer...


By downloading you are agreeing to the Terms of Use for 3D CreatorCraft.

Not sure how to download and install 3D CreatorCraft? No problem! Check out this guide:

How to install 3D CreatorCraft.

Official Versions (1.13)

3D CreatorCraft Ultra Logo
3D CreatorCraft High Logo
3D CreatorCraft Medium Logo
3D CreatorCraft Low Logo

Last updated: 24.10.2018

Version: 2.1

Minecraft-Version: 1.13

Preview Versions (1.14)

3D CreatorCraft Preview Logo

Last updated: 03.03.2019

Version: 2.1_l

Minecraft-Version: 1.14-Snapshot (19w09a)

Legacy Versions (1.9-1.12)

3D CreatorCraft Ultra OLD
3D CreatorCraft High OLD

Last updated: 08.04.2018


Minecraft-Version: 1.9-1.2