3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 17. November 2018
Added nice 3D Lanterns to 3D CreatorCraft for Minecraft 1.14!

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 10. November 2018
Added 3D Scaffoldings to 3D CreatorCraft.

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 03. November 2018
Added 3D crossbows to 3D CreatorCraft!

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 02. November 2018
Added animated 3D looms to 3D CreatorCraft!

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 28. October 2018
Added new items and created a 3D bamboo sapling!

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 26. October 2018
Added many new features introduced by the new 1.14 Snapshot!

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 25. October 2018
Began to work on 3D CreatorCraft for Minecraft 1.14! Added many new slabs and stairs!

General · 13. October 2018
Universal Seasons is a set of resourcepacks, that allows you to choose between different seasons in Minecraft. The different seasons result in different colors applied to grass, plants and leaves. Since the seasons are biome specific, each biome features other color gradients.

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 19. August 2018
A new version of 3D CreatorCraft is now available: 3D CreatorCraft Preview, which allows you to see what new features are going to come in the next updates.

General · 16. August 2018
Today is the release of all reworked resourcepacks for Minecraft 1.13 and the full website rework gets revealed. Check it all out here!