General · 16. March 2020
Yes, you heard it right, I am now an official Minecraft Partner! Unbelievable! Maybe you already know me from one of my resourcepacks. If not I would like to introduce myself to you, since I actually did not really do that yet on this website.

General · 19. January 2019
X.M.R. (Xtreme Minecraft Realism) is a new video series, where I try to recreate real life scenes in Minecraft as realistic as possible. In this case I created a London Underground station called Pimlico.

General · 13. October 2018
Universal Seasons is a set of resourcepacks, that allows you to choose between different seasons in Minecraft. The different seasons result in different colors applied to grass, plants and leaves. Since the seasons are biome specific, each biome features other color gradients.

General · 16. August 2018
Today is the release of all reworked resourcepacks for Minecraft 1.13 and the full website rework gets revealed. Check it all out here!