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3D Noteblock Displays is a small innovative resourcepack addon, which adds displays to note blocks, that show the player, which instrument and which note the note block is currently using.


This is achieved through a custom block state file and custom models for different notes and instruments.

The possibility to have custom models for every note and instrument was introduced in the 1.13 snapshots.


3D Noteblock Displays was the first public resourcepack, which implemented and used this feature. Other creators followed this trend and also created such addons for their resourcepacks.


The Result

Through 3D Noteblock Displays it is now much easier to create note block music in Minecraft. More than eleven thousand people downloaded the pack.



3D Noteblock Displays can be downloaded here.


First Release: April 2018

Downloads: 14K+


Some Instruments

3D Noteblock Displays Instruments