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3D Seasons


3D Seasons is a resourcepack addon for 3D CreatorCraft, which allows the player to either choose a specific season (Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter) or use a version which automatically cycles through the four different seasons. 


Each season results in different colors applied to grass, leaves and plants. When using the automatic version, which is implemented through texture animations, the seasons change every Minecraft day (Realtime: 20 minutes).


The Result

Through 3D Seasons it is now possible for players to experience seasons in Minecraft vanilla. The pack has more than one hundred thousand downloads.



3D Seasons can be downloaded here. (Please keep in mind, that 3D Seasons requires 3D CreatorCraft to work correctly. For an installation guide, visit this page.)


First Release: January 2018

Downloads: 120K+


A Movie created with 3D Seasons